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Last update: Yesterday, December 3rd, 2016
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Flytec 3040, recently calibrated and repaired by Flytec Switzerland (new PCB and new receiver unit installed, repairs worth over 500 euro), now ready for use. Including protective pocket. TT34 transmitter not included but brand new one is available from stock at
56/65 Thunder & Colt basket, blue suede top rim, age, hrs and history unkown. Basket only.
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Book: Heissluftballons, in German language, "Die Geschichte der Ballonfahrt von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart.". Beautiful book with a lot of pictures from festivals all over the world. Must have for the Balloonist! Price when new was 38 euro.
Cameron 77 aristocrat basket, 1.40 x 1.14m, 1.20m high. Green suede top rim, cushion floor, fire extinguisher, drop line, map pouch, first aid kit bag. Four karabiners, new ash runners. In very good and straight condition.
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Dutch writer Daphne Deckers wrote a new book for children. The title characters are the sheep, the duck and the rooster who where the first living beings that made a balloon flight. "The history books are full of great heroes. People who have done something important, who have won, defended or invented. Joseph and his brother Etienne Montgolfier were such people. They built the first hot air balloon, and are the pioneers of aviation. However, this story is not about them. Or rather, not only about them. Because history also has little heroes, with names that everyone has forgotten or that almost no one knew. For example the name Georgette, a stubborn sheep that was born on the estate of the French Montgolfier family. Without Georgette, the history of aviation might have been quite different. But what has a sheep to do with a hot air balloon?" This book is written in Dutch and on a reading level for kids of 10-12 years old. It can now be purchased through the Balloons4sale Pilot shop and we have stock for immediately shipping. Undoubtedly a must have on your book shelf, but can be used as a (landing) gift as well!
This rugged handheld monopod provides a light and long solution for taking beautiful pictures during your balloon flights. The SelfieStick can be extended to any length up to 135cm and is made of durable materials. When stowed, the monopod is only 40cm long. A removable ball head with 1/4" screw is fitted standard, on the opposite end a foam grip makes the SelfieStick comfortable to hold. For use with a GoPro camera, an additional adapter is included for free! Technical details Extended length: max 135cm Transport length: 40cm Number of segments: 5 Weight: 275g Maximum load: 1000g Camera screw: 1/4" Material: Aluminium Packing content: 1x SelfieStick with removable ball head Note: For attaching a GoPro camera, an adapter is included
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G-CINN, Cameron Z-31, built 2008, first registered in 2014, 36 hrs flown since. Believed to have flown only 3 hrs before in Slovenia, but marked with 10 to cover any flights prior to being registered. Temp label shows < 93 degrees C (not colored at all). No turning vents. All ripstop fabric. Cameron Milennium hopper bottom end, built 2008, approx 46 hrs, with burner. REGO fitting, liquid pilot light. Tether line included. New scoop and some nomex panels have been repaired by Cameron Balloons Ltd. in October 2016, cost just over £ 600,- ARC valid until 27th November 2017. Flies as new. Inflation fan and 60 liter stainless steel cylinder optionally available.
G-IVAC, Airtour AH-77B, built 1990, 298 flights, 395 hrs. New parachute installed at 263 hrs. Airtour 1.25m x 1.15m basket, built 1990, 298 flights, 395 hrs. Black leather top rim, cushion floor, drop line. 8 leather tank straps, poles and covers, airtour burner frame for Cameron MK4 single burner (burner not included!), quick release with restraint rope. Including all original documentation including flight manual. Registered under Annex 2, not EASA certified.
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G-CIJM, Cameron N-133, built 2002. 337 hrs. Hyperlast top third, RDS, turning vents. Always flown light, in remarkably good condition. Original artwork covered with sewn on fabric. Velcro attachment for banners around bottom third and around one of the circles. ARC valid until May 2017.
OO-BIT, Cameron O-160, built 04/1997. 319 flights, 342 hrs. Hyperlast Smart vent, turning vents. Weighs 178 kg. Last inspected in 2010.
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Lindstrand Size 12 single T basket, built 2001, 163 flights, 181:40 hrs. 1.25 x 1.85m, red leather top rim, cushion floor, side wall padding. Thunder & Colt MK3 double burner, built 1994, 163 flights, 181:40 hrs. Liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings. Can be delivered with new hoses.
Notheisz Balloons KNB ultralight basket, built 2015, 8 flights. Weighs 25 kg, 0.65 x 1.05m. With Notheisz Balloons Kogaz 2 double burner with whisper burner, vapour pilot lights. Ideal for 42 - 56 envelope, 1 or 2 persons. Ready to fly!
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56/65 Thunder & Colt basket, blue suede top rim, age, hrs and history unkown. Basket only.
77/90 Thunder & Colt basket, red suede top rim, age, hrs and history unkown. Basket only.
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Lindstrand Jetstream 2 double burner, 500 hrs, new hoses installed 2 years ago. Liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings, new piezo. In very good condition. Comes with EASA Form 1. Immediately available.
Ultramagic MK2 triple burner, approximately 350 flights/hrs. SN of burner units: 329, 330, 331. Vapour pilot lights, REGO fittings. Might need new hoses. Inner frame included only.
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Worthington cylinder, slave, built 03/1982, 431 flights, 432:40 hrs. REGO fitting, blue cover. PRV valid until 11/2017, PPT /INT valid until 12/2018.
Worthington cylinder, slave, built 08/1985, 1125 flights, 1131:40 hrs. REGO fitting, blue cover. PRV valid until 11/2019, PPT/INT valid until 03/2026.
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8.0 HP inflation fan, Cameron, Honda engine. Flip wheel frame, 3-blade wooden propeller. perfect frame, completely serviced. Immediately available.
5.0 HP inflation fan, Honda engine, wooden propeller. Starts and runs very well.
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Landrover Defender 110 S, first used 01/2011, 111.000 km. 5 doors, 5 seats with possibility for 4 additional seats, height adjustable tow bar, airco, metallic paint, alloy wheels.
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3.0m tandem axle Westfalia trailer, built 05/1991, inside dimensions 3.00m x 1.40m, max load mass 2000 kg.
Bratschi single axle trailer, built 1994. Inside dimensions 3.08m x 1.90m. Flat bed trailer with tarp dome, rear opening and tilting cover. Braked, with folding jockey wheel. Empty weight 440 kg, max full weight 1000 kg, max load 640 kg. Stickers can be removed. 2 mounts for cylinder and mount for inflation fan in front. 4 tie down hooks in the loading area. In the back, there is a fixing device for basket.
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Flytec 3040, recently calibrated and repaired by Flytec Switzerland (new PCB and new receiver unit installed, repairs worth over 500 euro), now ready for use. Including protective pocket. TT34 transmitter not included but brand new one is available from stock at
5x Icom air band radio, 3x battery, 4x standard charger, 7x standard antenna, 2x basket antenna, 1 car charger, 3 speaker mikes and 1 radio cover.
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G-BMJP, Colt AS-56 Airship. Built 1985, 50 hrs. Silver Hyperlast top. Velcro for banners. No artwork. Konig engine. 2x 60 liter tanks.
Gas balloons
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Inflation fan for model balloon, homemade, equipped with sturdy stainless steel frame with good air wheels, propeller and protective cage. 4-stroke petrol engine, Weima type WM152F, 2.5 HP, counterclockwise rotating. Including home made cover for the cage. Inflation fan is in as new condition, only used a few times.
Garbage bin style model balloon basket, with 2 tanks, 1 burner, 1 control box. Suitable for envelopes with volume 70-100 m3.
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Ultramagic burner frame, for Tekno CT-02 basket, in as-new condition, rarely used!
Tank cover for V30, green, either with or without foam to save on shipping costs.
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STOLEN: Complete 77 kit, reported stolen from Normanton Golf Club around January 15th.UPDATE: Some of the items have been recovered, albeit with severe damage. The other parts are still missing. Please keep your eyes open and report any details... Envelope: G-CILM, Cameron Z-77, CN 11877. Basket: Lindstrand LBL 105 basket, CN BA801 Burner: Lindstrand double Jetstream 2 burners, CN BU675 Tanks: Lindstrand LBL V30 cylinder with red cover, CN 733 Lindstrand LBL V30 cylinder with red cover, CN 734 Lindstrand LBL V30 cylinder with red cover, CN 735 Lindstrand LBL V30 cylinder with red cover, CN 736 Cameron CB599 cylinder with red cover, CN 2965-1502 Cameron CB599 cylinder with red cover, CN 2536-1145 Inflation fan: Lindstrand 8.0 HP inflation fan Trailer: Weymar twin axle balloon trailer (CN 222127/uun218) Other items: full tether kit, quick release, instruments If you have any information please Martin Axtell on +44 - (0) 778 - 6622802.
STOLEN: Entire Lindstrand cloudhopper bottom end. Stolen following a landing at 17.50 on the 5th of October 2013 - on Bramshot Common, near Liphook, Hampshire, UK. The theft took place during the 25 minutes it took us to go to the guard room to get the key to unlock the security gate. There is no way any vehicle could have accessed the site, so it was lifted and carried - some considerable distance - probably by local yobs who possibly saw it as scrap value. They left the envelope bag there. Stolen parts are the bottom end (frame and seat, CN BA808), burner (CN BU936), Cameron CB426 tank (CN 0273/4606). The balloon identification plate with registration G-CDAD is welded to the seat frame. Police report has been filled and the hope is that the bits might surface locally - or end up on Ebay. As there are only a few of these around, please help me by being vigilant.
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Wanted: Balloonpilot for the season (April to October) 2017 and 2018 in Nuremberg, Franconia / Bavaria, Germany. Minimum Requirements: - EASA or national licence with ICAO, min. level 4 - Medical Class 1 - Min. Group C qualified - Min. 800 hours total PIC on hot air balloons - Min. 400 hours on group C - Fluent in German Benefits: - Excellent salary plus bonus - Accident insurance cover - Furnished flat If you are interested in this position, please send your CV to
Wanted: Serious and sympathetic pilot for the 2017 season (April to October) to join our team in west France (Saumur). Between 130 and 180 flights to be done in both morning and evening. The balloon is a 9.000 m3 / 315.000 ft3. Minimum required experience 600 flying hours, should have trailer license and have at least basic French speaking skills to instruct passengers. Free accomodation (100 m2) and 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser available. Please call or send message for more details.
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